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Admin Code2

This is the Admin Code2 page list. You can click the title to browse the detail information.
Country Code Admin 1 Code Admin 2 Code Name ASCII Name Geoname ID
USMA001Barnstable CountyBarnstable County4929772
USMA003Berkshire CountyBerkshire County4930396
USMA005Bristol CountyBristol County4931378
USMA007Dukes CountyDukes County4935156
USMA009Essex CountyEssex County4935951
USMA011Franklin CountyFranklin County4937280
USMA013Hampden CountyHampden County4938741
USMA015Hampshire CountyHampshire County4938757
USMA017Middlesex CountyMiddlesex County4943909
USMA019Nantucket CountyNantucket County4944911
USMA021Norfolk CountyNorfolk County4945455
USMA023Plymouth CountyPlymouth County4947607
USMA025Suffolk CountySuffolk County4952349
USMA027Worcester CountyWorcester County4956199